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Our Story


e-tailer inc. is a family owned company that was founded in 2002. We started off as a single website that shipped frozen treats all across the United States called 


Since then, we have expanded into what we are today.  Even though we have continued to grow our online ice cream gifting business, we have also ventured into hospitality and convenience store supply with over 3,000 sku's available across the United States.   Focusing on food, we have continued to expand into even more frozen food sectors, including more ice cream novelty items, frozen dinners, frozen pizzas, as well as healthier frozen options.  

With our expertise in both of these areas, we have also continued to grow as a frozen, perishable, and dry fulfillment partner.  In this, we noticed that companies also would have a great product, but no way of selling it online.   Through our growth of, we have become proficient in brand store development as well as Amazon storefront development.  

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