Real Good Foods

Real Good Foods is a company, that well, makes real good foods!  All of their products are frozen and are based on a low carb high protein diet.  e-tailer inc. is a full service e-commerce fulfillment solution for Real Good Foods.  e-tailer is proud to manage fulfillment for their brand store, Amazon, Walmart and wholesale orders.

Ben & Jerry's

Reaching back to our roots, we have been working with Ben & Jerry's since the beginning. has been fulfilling Ben & Jerry's ice cream since the website was established in 2002.  Since then the two companies have worked to establish Ben & Jerry's own web store,

Ample Hills Creamery

Ample Hills Creamery is a family owned ice cream company where every flavor tells a story.  Ample Hills is known for its unique pint designs and shapes as well as its flavors.  Order some ice cream today and have some fun with Walt, Whitty, and PB!  E-tailer proudly fulfills online orders for Ample Hills Creamery

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Halo Top

Halo Top is an ice cream company that creates low calorie ice cream so you can enjoy your sweets and stay in shape too!  All pints are just 280-360 calories with a wide variety of flavors to chose from.  Halo Top boasts an assortment of normal, dairy-free, and vegan flavors from the classics to flavors like pancakes and waffles. e-tailer has been fulfilling Halo Top ice cream since 2014.  

Valiant Pet Nutrition

Our animals are very important to use at e-tailer and if you visit our main office you will notice there will always be a dog or two roaming around.  When Valiant approached us about handling there fulfillment, it was impossible to say no. Valiant is a raw ketogenic dog food  that was inspired by the work done at the non-profit KetoPet Sanctuary.  The purpose? to help dogs with all different types of heath conditions including cancer, seizures, inflammation and digestive problems.

Diestel Turkey Ranch

Diestel Turkey is another family run company that we have the pleasure of working with.  Diestel is a sustainable farm that was established in 1949 and are rooted in four main focuses:  Farm, Food, Family and Future.  Values over Volume, safe and flavorful, family, and innovative farming practices are what they believe in.  e-tailer fulfills all online orders for Diestel Turkey.

Bernatello's Foods

Bernatello's Foods is based in Wisconsin, just like e-tailer inc.!  Some of their popular brands include, Orv's Pizza, Brew Pub Pizza, and Bellatoria Pizza.  Bernatello's was one of the first brand stores we helped with and continue to run today.

Killer Whey

Killer Whey protein ice cream is yet another family owned company on a mission.  Located in Utah, killer whey is  dedicated to helping customers reach their fitness goals.  Killer Whey ice cream has an astonishing 44 grams of protein in every pint.  

The Alkaline Water Company

e-tailer inc. is also highly capable in helping out with your dry product needs.  Alkaline 88 is a  water meant for daily consumption that has a pH of 8.8 and other minerals.  E-tailer inc. has been helping with their fulfillment.  

Rebel Ice Cream

Rebel Ice Cream is founded on the principles of having good fats and cutting carbs and sugar.  They are a rapidly growing company in the healthy ice cream sector and continue to work on converting others to the ketogenic way of eating.  You don't need sugar to enjoy delicious ice cream!

Salt & straw

Salt & Straw is all about creating community.  Kim had a dream of opening an ice cream scoop shop since 1996.  He left the fortune 500 business world, cashed in his 401k, and starting Salt & Straw ice cream.  He and his cousin now create some very interesting flavors, including thanksgiving turkey!

Enlightened Ice Cream

Enlightened Ice Cream is a healthy ice cream that tastes incredible.  Their products are much higher in protein and fiber than typical brands and lower in calories, fat, and sugar.  Enlightened boasts a wide variety of flavors that anyone will love.  They offer pints and bars of all your favorite flavors!