e-tailer Warehouse Management

Decision making Technology

The closer we are to your customer, the quicker they receive their order, which means you retain a customer.  Based on logic within our system, we are able to automatically choose which warehouse your order ships from based on availability and distance to the customer.  With our 3 warehouse locations, all customers are within a 3-day transit from your customer and most metropolises are within 2-days.

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The Shipping Process Begins

Once your order has been carefully packed up, it is then transferred to a labeling specialist who makes sure the package is secure and adds the label.  As soon as the label is printed, your store is notified and the tracking number is sent to the customer.  The package is then hand loaded onto the trailer and on its way to the customer!

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Pick & Pack

No product or product offering is too difficult for e-tailer inc. Our motto is if you can ship ice cream successfully, you can ship anything!  Our experienced teams all go through training to make sure your order is packed exactly how you expect. Using logic from our software, we are able to pick the perfect box, correct amount of dry ice, and carefully package your order.

You also care about order accuracy.  All of our orders go through a 3-step quality control process to make sure the right product gets to your customer every time.